Why Hire Howerton Law Firm for Your DUI/DWI Defense?

Many attorneys will accept a DUI/DWI case with no real intention of fighting it. Our clients hire us because we are serious about DUI/DWI defense and they know that we will take care of this burden for them, because we know how to defend against a conviction. Many people come to Howerton Law Firm for our experience in this area. At Howerton Law Firm, we know the laws, we know the procedures, we know the tests performed, and we know how to attack the state’s case and evidence to win a DWI/DUI case. We know our clients need us. We are here to help, we are here to represent, and we are here to fight! People come to Howerton Law Firm for DUI/DWI defense, because they know they will get serious representation.

DWI Defense in Arkansas

Why Hire a DWI Defense Attorney
Contrary to what many people and attorneys believe, there are defenses to a DUI/DWI charge. The first thing that must be considered is the officer’s reasoning for stopping you or approaching you. If the officer cannot articulate some legally valid reason, then the stop altogether may be suppressed due to improper procedure.

Next, the officer must have some articulable suspicion that you are intoxicated to pull you out of your vehicle and have you perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Furthermore, the tests are just that, standardized. If they are not performed in the standardized manner, all the veracity is lost and the test is inaccurate and useless. Most officers take a course on how to perform these tests, but never renew that certification or review the procedures. For these reasons, often times, these tests are not administered properly, rendering them worthless and unreliable in court. Many times, the officers will not bring their certifications with them to court, allowing for complete suppression of the BAC results or Standard Field Sobriety Tests results.

The technology used today to determine the blood alcohol level of an individual can at times fail at its specific purpose. The BAC datamaster machine must be calibrated properly and timely, and administered accurately for the reading to be accurate. Any slight deviation from these requirements can produce an inaccurate reading rendering the results unreliable.

The bottom line is that there are many requirements that must be met for a DUI/DWI conviction and many times they are not. This is why a good attorney is able to attack the tests, BAC results, officer’s training, and the state’s case altogether for successfully defending against a conviction.

The law says that it is illegal to drive while “intoxicated,” not to drive after ingesting alcohol, and you need an attorney who knows the difference and is able to get results

Howerton Law Firm Grand Opening

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Attorney Wendy Howerton establishes Howerton Law Firm

Wendy Howerton obtained her undergraduate degree with a BSE in English from Arkansas State University, and subsequently received her JD from the University of Arkansas School of Law. Howerton has practiced in the field of criminal defense from the first moment she entered her practice. She has handled everything from a simple disorderly conduct to a double capital murder case.

After Howerton’s first year of practice in the private sector, she took a job with the Washington County Public Defender Office defending any and all misdemeanors in Washington County for indigent defendants. During the two years Howerton spent with that office, she was the only public defender handling those types of cases for the entire county. As such, Howerton gained an immense amount of experience and became very familiar with the courts, prosecutors and judges in Washington County, and the laws surrounding DWI/DUI charges.

After returning to the private practice of law for a few years, Howerton decided to open her own firm where she can focus on the type of cases she enjoys most. Howerton Law Firm is composed of three associate attorneys, two staff members and one managing partner. The Howerton Law Firm Arkansas general practice attorneys are happy to defend your rights on any criminal case to ensure you get the best representation available and the best possible outcome.

Howerton Law Firm opens for business

Howerton Law Firm Logo

Howerton Law Firm officially opened for business on January 1, 2009. After many successful years as an associate with Joyce Law Firm, Woods, Snively & Associates, and as a part-time public defender for Washington County, Wendy Howerton started her own firm. Howerton Law Firm will practice multiple areas of law including criminal law, personal injury, civil litigation, family law, bankruptcy, real estate law, estate planning, financial law, and business law.

Howerton Law Firm is located at 217 East Dickson Street, Suite 102, Fayetteville, AR 72701. You can reach us at 479-587-9300.

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